Never have I ever had such a hard time trying to figure out what to write, as I have in trying to describe what this is all about.  It’s not really a sort of a defined idea, I guess.  The hopes of it molding and defining itself is the basic foundation.  Doing things locally, appreciating things with style, and not forgetting whats really real, are all loosely outlined in a way that, if nothing else, is something for us, that we have to share.  Our story of normal.”  -LA O.


Team Roster

Leigh-Anne O. (or “LA”)


Much like the beginning lyrics to a Journey song, she’s just a small town girl born and raised in…Northern California.  Not quite as poetic, but accurate none the less.

Child of the 80s, graduated 1 of 74 from a humble little high school, spent the bulk of her 20s surviving the mean streets of Los Angeles, and the lesser mean streets of Orange County, all to find herself happily relocated to Northern California (not quite as far north as before) to shortly begin the days as a legit 30ish year old, starting life as a twosome while discovering “happily married after” with her absurdly handsome Noodle of a husband, Ryan O.


Ryan O. (or sometimes “Noodle”)


Native, not so far north, fellow Californian, Ryan’s more of a medium sized town boy born and raised in the heart of Sonoma County.  His nutshell version could easily be four times as long as LA’s full of boasting accomplishments given the biases of the writer (his wife), we’ll try to keep it humble.

Like LA, also a child of the 80s , graduated 1 of a 100s from a notoriously athletic, all American high school, his 20s were spent collecting college degrees and career pursuing, inevitably landing a job that, in due time, would prove to out weigh that of a hot new blonde’s that he was to begin talking to. She lived in Hollywood.  His life became Fresh Princed and flipped upside down when the blonde relocated and let him put a ring on it.

Life as a husband in a partnership of Noodles, which doesn’t even really make sense, can often be hectic and sometimes even boring,  and a million levels in between.  A typical life with atypical situations, forever creating their own sense of “normal”.


Smush “Boogie” Cinderella  

webBoogA team roster would never be complete with out a glorified mascot.  Something unforgettable, something to associate with a name.  This mascot is the family’s “plus one”. Full of attitude (literally she will make a person bleed, even a child, she knows no boundaries) fast as lightening, regal as hell and oh so good looking, a mascot easily more popular than the team it represents.

Out of the meanest ally in Orange County, raised on the unforgiving streets of Hollywood, she not only unapologetically wears fur everyday of her life but she can cast you a look that will send you to the grave only to make you want to be her best friend just that much more.  Smush “Boogie” Cinderella, drama in the flesh.




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    June 26, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    You two rock!

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