Starting it Right

In keeping with the first day of birthday month spirit, babe and I decided to do something rare for our character and eat out on a Thursday night.  By Thursday we are usually too exhausted, hanging on for Friday, cleaning out the DVR and eating at home.
We gussied up and headed to Montgomery Village to our first real date spot, Monti’s Rotisserie & Bar. It’s imperative that I say first REAL date because on our first dinner out he brought his roommate along, you know, for security. That night I had passed the non-psychotic standard American girl test, and we had our first real date, sans third wheel, the next evening at what is now one of our top favorite spots.
Monti’s never fails. The food is always exactly what you hope it’s going to be, if not more. The wait staff is generally always helpful and friendly. Most importantly, the cocktail selections are on point.  With an ever so often changing menu, options always seem fresh.  This go around I struck luck and discovered possibly the best thing I have ever eaten at a local restaurant, suckling pig “Piadine”.


Served, on an enormous flatbread that was covered in humus, paired with caramelized onions and dressed arugula, laid a pile of freshly pulled pork.  The presentation made me miss good Indian food restaurants in Los Angeles, pulling pieces of warm flatbread and making little combo bites with just the right amount of each element.  The highlight for me, a self-proclaimed condiment queen, was the trio of dipping sauces they serve with it.  Thanks to my Acai Cosmopolitan I had for an appetizer, I forget the details of the ingredients but I remember the gist of the diversity.  Red was spicy and probably my favorite, white was a creme fraiche and the green was a pesto that I swear had lemon, in a good way.  Being the “Thursday Night Special”, I plan on hitting up a few more Thursday nights before the menu changes.

*Noodle Note: Babe had bacon and melted onion pizza.  Really needless to say how that was.  Bacon. Pizza.  Melted.

Birthday month wouldn’t be kicked off right if it didn’t involve something special from the closet.


Side highlight of the night, I finally got to use my biggest score I’ve ever found, my Kate Spade Summer House Sylvia hand bag.

During an accidental trip to a Healdsburg sidewalk sale I just happened to chance by a Kate Spade clearance table.  Kate Spade clearance table. (Just in case you missed that). I literally struck gold.  I’ve never been one for a sale that starts with the word sidewalk (it’s usually all so disorganized and picked over) but Healdsburg has forever changed my mind.  I strongly suggest watching the calendar.  It happens twice a year and as my Mother says, “A Kate Spade clearance table? I’d fly in for that”.  My Mother lives an hour away so, you get it.


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