After a weekend of playing major hometown errand catch-up, Father’s Day served like a reward for all of our hard work.  A day for both Ryan and I to spend with just our dads, in no better place than AT&T Park.  Go Giants.  Even now, at the tail end of whats left, the feeling of reaping our benefits still lingers.  Both Ryan and I are extremely fortunate to have the dads that we do.  Both of our dads are still married to our moms, a modern day rarity, both have been in our lives every single day at all possible times.  Sports games, dance recitals, school plays, you name it they were there. We aren’t naive to the reality of how lucky we really are. How special it is that Ryan can call his dad on a Tuesday night needing help installing curtain rods and he’s here in 10 minutes, with enthusiasm.  How unique it is that I can call my dad on Thursday morning and ask him if he has heard of some obscure song I caught the last 20 seconds of, suffer through me humming my rendition, all while giving his honest effort to figure out what the heck I am singing.


To share the day celebrating all that they have done, all that we have been through, the growth they have guided and the lessons we have learned at a place special to my family and a sport dear to Ryan and Ron’s hearts made for a near perfect day.  With the sun shining bright, a little too bright on some of my sunblock forgotten areas, beer on tap, nachos in hand, Giants in for an exciting first 6 innings… if it hand’t been for a disappointing 8-7 loss to the Rockies the day would have been flawless.



Ryan and I are filled with nothing but infinite childhood memories of days filled of laughter, trips to the dumps, Christmas mornings, Mom free weekends and backyard shenanigans.   We are part of a dying breed.  A breed of generations that were raised in a time of little worries, with freedom no kid will ever know again, with safety that just doesn’t seem to exist anywhere anymore.  We know this and because we know we never take anything we have for granted, especially the people in it.  Something, I suppose, you could easily say we both learned from our dads.



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  1. Cheryl
    June 16, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Nice tribute you two. You both make your dads proud!

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